About Us


CHOPDA Group of Industries was founded in 1963, a period when it took courage and tenacity to start a company. Since its inception to present, the group has grown to more than 300 employees and indirectly employing over 100 other people for manufacturing activities. A wide variety of precision machined parts and sub-assemblies are manufactured from a variety of material including alloys, stainless steel, brass & bronze. Our customers are a cross-section of industrial manufacturing in domestic and international market.

Autoturn Industries are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, operated by highly experienced and motivated personnel, for manufacturing high precision components for the automotive industry. The high precision machines and technology ensure flawless production and accuracy in the manufactured components as per the desired standards. The production of components is followed by thorough testing using sophisticated quality testing equipment to ensure supply of only high quality and zero defect free products.

Over the years the company has achieved an impeccable reputation in terms of reliability, quality and delivery. With this result the company is meeting the varied requirements of all major automotive companies. We aspire to be the global sourcing hub for turned parts from the Indian sub-continent using our expertise, versatility & experience and at the same time investing into newer technologies and cost-eff ective machining processes.

Why Us?

Autoturn Industries rises to the challenge of the competitive market with innovative technology, advanced production processes, superior product quality and excellent service. Since the foundation, our customer oriented approach has given strong belief in the quality of our products.
Mentioned below are some significant factors that provide us competitive advantage:

  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Skilled and Trained Manpower
  • Personal Development, Team Spirit and Ethics
  • High precision machines
  • Timely delivery of components
  • Ethical business practices
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Research, Design & Development Engineering
  • Flexibility to manufacture even on a small or medium scale
  • We leverage competencies across the entire value chain
  • Product application & optimization
  • Cost effectiveness using best manufacturing processes


We engage in mutually beneficial relationship with our customers to provide precise solutions to their engineering requirements. We aim to grow with profitability and continuously improve product quality and services through employee involvement, adoption of best-in-class manufacturing systems and processes.


To achieve excellence in manufacturing and create a value based proposition for our customers, business partners and employees, by becoming preferred supplier in machined components for Automotive and other allied industries.

Management Team

Autoturn Industries has an extremely strong leadership base consisting of robust manufacturing and experience creating, building, growing and leading a dynamic corporate team. Our Management team works with efficiency and transparent communication within the organization and with our customers

Another major asset to our sophisticated productionfacilities is our team of high qualified and experienced people. Environment of team work combined with personal development programs and trainings encourages and motivates the people to explore and achieve their potential. Our team is capable of developing highly complex components as per the desired requirements of our clients. Each of our manufactured components is a reflection of impeccable skills of our technicians and engineers.

Oranization Chart

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