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Autoturn Industries

Autoturn Industries was established in 1987 at Saswad and Plant II was setup in 2001 at Phursungi. Autoturn Industries firmly believes in quality and thus are certified with ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001-2008 with a Scope of Manufacturing and Supply of Rocker Arm Screw, Machined and Ground components for automotive and other Allied Industries.

The company has latest infrastructural facility, along with dedicated modern machinery including continuous power supply, 100% genset backup, a modern compressor unit and abundant land of more than 20,000 sqft factory floor space.

We have installed capacity to manufacture:

  • 20 million Rocker Arm Screws per annum.
  • 02 million Precision Ground Parts for GearBox Assembly and many different precision screws.
  • And still have spare capacity which is utilized for new developments and periodical and special orders.

Equipment: (Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Support):
HV Hardness Tester | Surface Roughness Tester | Profile Projector | Microscope | Contracer | All Standard Testing Lab Equipment | Similarly many Manufacturing Machineries

Our Products

Rocker Arm Screws Rocker Arm ScrewsRocker Arm Screws are the components of valve train used in conjunction with the Rocker Arm to adjust the engine valve setting.
Self Locking Screws Self Locking Screws Self Locking Screws are used for fine setting of engine and where Lock-nuts are not required.

Gear-box Components Gear-box Components Gear-box Components are used between shifting gear and shifting fork for easy manageability of gear shifting.

Transmission Components Transmission Components Roller Tappet Assembly, Clutch Peg, Drain Plugs, V R Toe, Tappet Inserts, Adaptors, Ball Pins, Socket Assembly, Valve Cap, Valve Housing, Pressure Piece, Assembly Detent, Pivot Pin, Outer/Bearing Ring, Roller Pins, Dovel Pins, etc